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The Leading Rent Solution Platform in Africa.

Renmo is the No.1 platform that allows tenants to pay MONTHLY rent for their homes. You rent and stay as long as you want, but you only pay monthly!

We then ensure that you pay your rent monthly. No kidding! We believe everyone deserves a decent home. And that should NOT cause you to empty your savings or give you a 'headache' because of the initial bulk payment. We are excited to partner with you to make decent home living stress-free, convenient, and fast. Join today to experience the 'Renmo lifestyle.'

Our Focus

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Flexible Options

Renmo allows you to find your own house or look for houses on our website.

Loyalty Benefits

The longer you stay, the more benefits you receive with Renmo! Check our FAQs for more

Monthly Payment

We facilitate monthly rent payment for all eligible tenants. Simply reach out to us

No Hidden Fees

There is no intermediary organization fees or agents involved. We take pride in that.

How It Works

4 easy steps to pay your rent monthly


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Renmo takes 1-3 days to verify documents and provide funding approval

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I had rent issues until Renmo came into the picture. Renmo assisted me in paying all my rent advance so I could conveniently payback monthly. One thing I noticed about Renmo is , they are reliable .the support I received from Renmo has helped me immensely.


I invested all my funds on a project and urgently needed an apartment. My job depended on finding an apartment. I searched online for flexible rent payment and Renmo Showed Up. Renmo is a life saver. The stuff was fast and efficient, and I found a place in no time.


I learned about Renmo from a friend, and it was too good to be true. So, I decided to try Renmo out and when I needed a place to rent and pay monthly. The rent advance support from Renmo has improved my day-to-day life immensely.


Renmo Helped me to find a very beautiful apartment and pre-financed my rent advance. The process was very smooth and hassle free! My experience with Renmo has been smooth and the team are always ready and willing to help.

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